FAQ - zkTestnet

How fast are the built-in private token transfers?

As of now, we have a built-in optimized System Program for the following:
  • Transfers & unshields (SOL/SPL) => 1 Solana tx (400ms) + 1-2.5s proof generation
  • Shields (SOL) => 1 Solana tx (400ms) + 1-2.5s proof generation
And a not-yet optimized System Program for:
  • SPL shields => 2 Solana txs (800ms) + 1-2.5s proof generation
Note that proof generation time varies based on the user's device.
You may notice that currently, the methods shield, transfer and unshield of the user class are slower than what is described above. That's because user methods currently still await the full closure of the process (the point at which the outputs of a transfer can be spent again). The above benchmarks account for the point at which the correctness of the transfer is mathematically verified and guaranteed and the transfer inputs are spent.

How do I interact with the zkTestnet?

You can use the Solana CLI to query the Light Testnet at:
It runs a solana-test-validator instance on Kubernetes.

Wen Solana-Mainnet?

. We'll harden Testnet over the next weeks and months, add new features, and improve performance and developer experience.

I have an infrequently asked question!

We'd love to hear it at [email protected] or in our Discord.