Light is key privacy infrastructure for Solana, offering the most accessible privacy rails in the ecosystem.
We aim to provide the most friendly UX for users and most powerful tools for developers to allow them to easily access privacy infra in their wallets or applications.

Why Light?

Integrate with Light in order to:
  • protect your users' on-chain identity with privacy-preserving token transfers.
  • tap into shared Light Protocol liquidity to offer best-in-class privacy guarantees instantly.
  • benefit from battle-tested zero-knowledge cryptography via simple API calls.

Program Address

The latest Light program is: 2c54pLrGpQdGxJWUAoME6CReBrtDbsx5Tqx4nLZZo6av
The latest SDK currently uses: 2c54pLrGpQdGxJWUAoME6CReBrtDbsx5Tqx4nLZZo6av.
You can find the source code for the latest program and audit report here.
Devnet program access coming soon.

Available SDKS

Currently, we provide the following SDKwe provide the following SDKs:
  • Light Widget. The easiest way for dapp developers to access private transactions on Solana.
  • Light Wallet SDK. Private Alpha. If you want to partner, reach out on Discord or dm @swenschaeferjohann on Telegram.
  • Light Core SDK. Provides all the functionality of the Light Widget, without the need for a Widget UI. Publicly available soon, for private access, reach out to us!
To swiftly experience private transactions yourself, go to:

Developer Support

Developing on Solana can be a minefield of potential hiccups. On our end, we aim to make add privacy into your interface or program as seamless and magical as possible. We do this by:
  • Remove key barriers to providing a good UX
  • Provide various methods of accessing private transactions, so all wallets, apps, dapps, and programs can use it seamlessly
  • Provide updated liquidity sources and possible UX improvements as soon as possible.
If you have questions or need support, you can ask in the #developers channel in our discord: or send us an email: [email protected]. We'll reply asap.
Also, if you are integrating with Light, let us know in the channel or dm @swenschaeferjohann on telegram and we will highlight your project!
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