FAQ - Devnet

Where is Light deployed?

Light v3 is currently deployed on Solana Devnet.
You can additionally deploy it on a local Solana instance for testing.

How do I interact with Devnet?

Set the rpcUrl to devnet. We recommend you use a private RPC provider, such as Helius or Triton.
You can optionally access a hosted Light Relayer instance for testing:
Set the relayerUrl (e.g., in your CLI config or when initializing the relayer in your app) to:
Relayer info
relayerPubkey: EkXDLi1APzu6oxJbg5Hnjb24kfKauJp1xCb5FAUMxf9D
relayerRecipientSol: AV3LnV78ezsEBZebNeMPtEcH1hmvSfUBC5Xbyrzqbt44
relayerFee: 100_000
The relayer is currently also used for indexing purposes and requesting transactions. You can host your own Devnet or Localnet relayer as well. You can find the code here.

Program ids

light-psp2in2out: J1RRetZ4ujphU75LP8RadjXMf3sA12yC2R44CF7PmU7i
light-merkle-tree-program: JA5cjkRJ1euVi9xLWsCJVzsRzEkT8vcC4rqw9sVAo5d6
light-psp2in2out-storage: DJpbogMSrK94E1zvvJydtkqoE4sknuzmMRoutd6B7TKj
light-psp10in2out: J85SuNBBsba7FQS66BiBCQjiQrQTif7v249zL2ffmRZc
light-psp4in4out: 2cxC8e8uNYLcymH6RTGuJs3N8fXGkwmMpw45pY65Ay86
user-registry: 6UqiSPd2mRCTTwkzhcs1M6DGYsqHWd5jiPueX3LwDMXQ

Wen Solana-Mainnet?

. We'll harden Testnet and Devnet over the next weeks and months, add new features, and improve performance and developer experience.

How fast are the built-in private token transfers?

As of now, we have a built-in optimized System Program for the following:
  • Transfers & unshields (SOL/SPL) => 1 Solana tx (400ms) + 1-2.5s proof generation
  • Shields (SOL) => 1 Solana tx (400ms) + 1-2.5s proof generation
And a not-yet optimized System Program for:
  • SPL shields => 2 Solana txs (800ms) + 1-2.5s proof generation
Note that proof generation time varies based on the user's device.
You may notice that currently, the methods shield, transfer and unshield of the user class are slower than what is described above. That's because user methods currently still await the full closure of the process (the point at which the outputs of a transfer can be spent again). The above benchmarks account for the point at which the correctness of the transfer is mathematically verified and guaranteed and the transfer inputs are spent.

What's a Private Solana Program?

PSPs are Solana programs with public and private on-chain state and state transitions. You can choose which data, addresses, and transactions you want to be private and which public. This is important for applications where you might want or need specific parts to be transparent (e.g. publicly shared game state).

I have an infrequently asked question!

We'd love to hear it at [email protected] or in our Discord.