Using private checkout with Light Protocol

Paying privately with SOL is easy!
All you need is a private balance.
Your private balance (we call it shielded balance) behaves similar to a smart contract wallet but transactions you make with your private balance are -- well -- private.
There’s a lot of fancy tech happening under the hood to ensure a trust-less, decentralized verification of your private transactions with zkSnarks and you can read more here.
In simple terms: it works like Zcash but natively in a Solana program.
Currently there’s one place where you can start stacking your shielded balance:
It's *super* easy to create your own shielded balance.
2. Connect your wallet (this must be a wallet that holds your DAA NFT. Also, mobile wallets are currently not supported) and click generate shielded address.
It's a big blue button, can not miss.
2. This has you sign a special message. We use it to derive a keypair from your wallet's private key without knowing your private key.
So your shielded address belongs only to you.
3. Click Register Shielded Address (this costs 0.00157 SOL so around 7-9 cents at the time of writing)
4. Start shielding SOL with *one click*
5. You're good to go! Once BarrelDAO opens it's doors you can choose 'Pay privately with SOL' at checkout and use you shielded funds with *one click*.
We tested it on grandparents and they did it, it's easy. Trust me.
We recommend you shield enough SOL so you can make multiple private transactions and payments in the future.
Bonus tip: for better effective privacy shield something like: 3 SOL, 5 SOL, 10 SOL. We'll explain this below.
So now my onchain privacy is completely protected ?! Yes, but...
While your on-chain privacy is perfectly private (your tx cannot be directly linked to your identity) there are a few (temporary) caveats that influence your 'effective' privacy:
  • Shield your funds some time before you plan to use private checkout for the first time. (We recommend a few hours to few days)
  • Shield a round number of funds, like 3 or 5 or 10 SOL instead of just the exact amount you plan to use up a day later.
Here's why: when you checkout privately the token transfer is still recorded on the public ledger. What can't be seen is where the payment is coming from. (for the ledger it looks like it's coming from the Light Protocol smart contract). Now say you'd stack your shielded balance and then directly pay privately with the same amount you shielded just a few minutes prior - people could still look at the in- and out flows of the smart contract and try to connect the dots...
Use private checkout and protect your on-chain identity. That's it.
If you haven't yet registered your own shielded address, do it now.
Read through the whole Terms of Service.
Use at your own risk, dyor, nfa.